Class Summary
AbstractByteFilterInputStream Implements the array based read method to simplify writing 'byte at a time' FilterInputStream classes.
AbstractByteFilterReader Implements the array based read method to simplify writing 'byte at a time' FilterReader classes.
Base64Decoder Decode a BASE64 encoded input stream to some output stream.
Base64Encoder BASE64 encoder implementation.
Base64InputStream Provides decoding of BASE64 encoded data as an input stream filter.
Base64OutputStream Provides BASE64 encoding of binary data as an output stream filter.
ByteCountingInputStream InputStream class that counts the number of bytes read.
ByteCountingOutputStream Output stream filter that counts the number of bytes written to the underlying stream.
EchoInputStream An input stream that echoes all data read from the input stream into an output stream.
FileUtil Provides utility methods for dealing with files (
HexDumpOutputStream An output stream that prints lines of hexadecimal output containing the byte offset (in hex), the hex representation of the types, and the ASCII representation of the bytes.
HexEncodingOutputStream Encodes the input in hexadecimal form.
LimitedInputStream A stream that will return an end of stream code (-1) when the maximum length is reached.
StreamCopier Provides stream copying capability in a Runnable class.
StringInputStream Provides an input stream that reads from a string.
TeeOutputStream An output stream filter that writes to multiple underlying output streams.
TokenizingInputStream Reads from the underlying input stream until the delimiter is reached.
WriterOutputStream Adapter that converts a Writer into an OutputStream.

Exception Summary
Base64FormatException Exception for invalid BASE64 streams.

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