Package org.yajul.util

Provides utilities for accessing bean properties and parsing beans from XML.


Interface Summary
DateFormatConstants Defines useful date / time formatting constants: ISO 8601 format strings. Commonly used date format strings. User: josh Date: Nov 24, 2003 Time: 9:58:56 PM
Initializeable Defines the general behavior of an abstract factory.

Class Summary
AbstractScanner Classpath scanner adapted from Seam.
BasicScanner A classpath scanner that collects all resource names in the directory or archive where the 'tag resource' is located.
BeanProperties Represents the property accessor methods for a given class, and provides methods for accessing the properties at run-time.
Bytes Yet another class that turns Java primatives into arrays of bytes, and back.
Copier Provides stream and reader/writer copying functions.
ExceptionUtil Helper methods for exceptions.
FieldPrinter Prints the fields of an object into a string buffer.
ObjectFactory Provides utility methods for instantiating objects with dynamic, or 'soft' linkages.
PropertyAccessors Encapsulates the getter and setter meta-data for a given property.
PropertyMap Provides a Map view of a JavaBean's properties.
PropertyMap.Entry Represents a property name / value pair in the Map view of a bean.
ReflectionUtil Reflection utilities.
ResourceUtil Provides utility methods for finding and loading resources.
StringUtil Provides commonly used string functions.

Exception Summary
ExceptionList A checked exception that contains a list of other exceptions.
InitializationException A general purpose checked exception for use during object initialization.

Error Summary
InitializationError Thrown when a class initializer encounters an unexpected state.

Package org.yajul.util Description

Provides utilities for accessing bean properties and parsing beans from XML.

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